Our Core Values

Always Be Moving

We believe speed, hustle, & being nimble will trump anything. You can say it or do it … we prefer to do it. We keep things lean & don’t overthink things. We believe our talent & skills aren’t enough. Put it all on the line.
We’re open to learning and helping one another even if it’s not our job We take ownership We value our reputation Care. Take initiative even when its not part of your job. Ask questions & then answer them.

Give A Damn

No Bullshit

We practice radical candor We believe that the shortest distance between a problem and a solution is a straight line We detest the elephant in the room We are not complainers, we a problem solvers We do the right thing regardless of difficulty We believe that being right is less important than doing right
1 trillion to 1 < the odds of becoming a human being. Lifes a miracle. Enjoy it. Everything starts from your attitude / mindset. Everything. 1 > 0. #YOLO. We know we live in the greatest era to ever be alive.

Enjoy Life

Have Grit

We see grit as a distinct combination of passion, resilience, determination, and focus. We believe grit allows us to maintain the discipline and optimism to persevere towards goals even in the face of discomfort, rejection, and a lack of visible progress for years, or even decades. Life is fair. The market doesn’t lie.
We believe that nothing is sacred, and all options should be explored. We love to experiment We are not only adaptable, but we thrive on change, because change often leads to growth. We aren’t perfect, sometimes we fail, but we learn, grow and always strive to be more.

Embrace Kaizen

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